Update. 1/27/2017

Hey Everyone, Jimmy Time Here.

I  just  want to let you know we’ve been working in a new The Jay Delta Show Which should be out some time next week on our YouTube.

You can expect a new Why Would You Make This? Podcast episode the second week of February. If you didn’t listen to the latest episode #66- The Cat In The Hat (2003) Here’s the info for the Next Movie:

Next month is a month made for Ladies, We start that month off with Valentine’s day and what better way to celebrate a day of Love than with the Best love story ever told. Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez. In the 2003, Romance/Crime Thriller, “Gigli”.

Given recent events in politics, I believe now more than ever it’s important to remember:  Without the mistakes of others, We would be forced to endure the pain of failure ourselves. Support The Arts.