Update 5/1/2017

Everyone is currently in a transition period. Jay Delta is in a Business Transition, Danny Money is in a Familial Transition, eeeEug is in an Academic Transition, and I Jimmy Time am in a Life Transition, as I have been since I was 16. So, I can only Hope you’ll hear from us more than less in the near future.

This month, May, is Dolly Parton Month. We’ll be starting off with the 1984 Musical Comedy “Rhinestone” starring Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton, Richard Farnsworth. After that will be the 2012 Comedy Musical “Joyful Noise” starring  Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Keke Palmer

This year, 2017, you can expect us to re-tell movies like “Soul Man”, “After Earth”, “Jingle All The Way”, “A Haunted House 2”, and many more as Hollywood has no plans to stop trying to make a quick buck.

Dear Racing Schemes aside, Please check out the YouTube (GRATUITOUS LINK TO YOUTUBE) with clips from our episodes, as well as other comedy stylings. We have plans to being recording some video things soon, which usually means we’ll be completely ignoring it and focusing our efforts elsewhere because we’re fickle humans with short attention spans

Finally, I want to leave you with some numbers. We started this show November 2013 with one show a month for the first 10 months. Since our 10th episode, we’ve moved to a 2 show a month format and gained a steady hosting site that counts downloads. Last month, April 2017, we reached over 2,800 Downloads in a single month. If that wasn’t enough excitement, as of this post, we’ve also reached 19,055 All-Time Downloads. I mention this only because, based on our download rate, we’ll likely reach 20,000 within the first half of May. This is huge for us! We can not thank you enough for listening to this show, watching our videos, and sharing our idea of comedy. Please never stop. Then Never Stop Never Stopping.

Please continue to let us know what movies we should address & how you feel about the way we fix/mock/re-tell/review them by contacting the group on Facebook or Twitter. You can contact us on YouTube as well, but there’s a good 75% chance I’ll interpret whatever you say as covert hate speech and have it removed due to a request by the copyright holder. That’s just how that system works.

Thank You for being our fans. And please remember, without the mistakes of others we’d be forced to endure the pain of failure ourselves. Support the Arts.



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